Make Your Ramadan a Little Sweeter with the Act of Giving.

The month of Ramadan has arrived, and nothing embodies the spirit of festivity more than the spirit of giving – a spirit whose long-standing origins can be found deeply rooted in Islam.

During this holy month, Acts of kindness in any form are encouraged to be practised with no bounds. Not only for Muslims, but for all Malaysians celebrating the occasion.

Whether you’re lending a helping hand to a neighbour or sending a box of scrumptious delights to a friend – whatever you’re giving, it’s a definite way to make anyone’s day! The contents of your gift may fade with time, but the act of giving will always be held dear to the receiver’s heart.

Breaking fast with something sweet

During Ramadan, unity between loved ones can be found not only in gift-giving, but also in the indulgence of something sweet come Iftar (breaking of the fast).

Consuming sweet treats after a full day of fasting isn’t just reserved for those with a sweet tooth – it’s essential to help the body’s blood glucose levels return quickly to a healthy state, which is why most people break their fast with dates, coconut milk, high-sugar drinks, and deep-fried snacks.

While young children often look forward most to this sweet treat, this sweet tooth also carries over into adulthood. From the toasty crunch of Famous Amos cookies, to indulgent pisang goreng (deep-fried bananas), there’s just something deeply comforting about basking in the flavours of your favourite childhood treats.

Savour this Ramadan with your loved ones

Hamper R22-10 – RM149

It goes without saying that a handful or two of sweet dates is typically expected at the dining table during Ramadan, but a key component to this ritual can be found in its togetherness. After all, every meal tastes better when paired with good company.

Fasting and breaking fast together provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Even if no words are exchanged during the meal, everyone at the table sees the value in the experience of relishing every bite together and finding solace in one another’s solidarity.

Sweeten someone’s day with these five gifts

With sweet delicacies and gift-giving sentiments at the heart of Ramadan, what better time to literally (and metaphorically!) sweeten someone’s day?

Here are three Famous Amos gifts that will not only inject some joy into the lives of your loved ones, but also fill their tummies with bits and pieces of their favourite Famous Amos cookies. These gifts are available in three flavours:

  • Thai Tealicious
    These cookies, as the name implies, are imbued with the authenticity of Thailand’s signature milk tea. Soft and creamy, it’s the ultimate comfort food for any day.
  • Almond Chococonuts
    This is the perfect coupling between grand almonds and dark chocolate, bringing you crunchy textures that make every bite a mouthwatering experience.
  • Original Chocolate Chip
    This is a classic in its own right, and anyone can smell Famous Amos’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from a mile away!

1.   Elegant Floral Tin for her

This tin can of happiness comes with 180g cookies and is packaged in a flower-shaped container adorned with hibiscus images – making it a stylish and delectable gift for the women you adore.

2.   Round Gift Tin for him

A spherical tin with dark orange stripes, teamed with a floral box that can hold up to 270g of cookies. This unique packaging comes with a more sophisticated feel that carries a touch of youthfulness to it, making it a fitting gift for any gentleman in your life.

3.   Snack Pack for them

Whether for family, coworkers, or friends, these hefty cartons of 60 packeted cookies are the ideal present for any group – especially those who buka puasa together. Breaking fast with something sweet not only provides a mouthful of happiness – it’s also one of the best ways to kickstart your day.

The list doesn’t end here! Our website features a myriad of gifts for every person who comes to mind during this season of giving, feasting, and celebrating. Browse our collection here to find the best match for your loved ones today.