LIGHT UP Your Deepavali Festivities With Sparkle & Delight

Call the relatives! Mark the calendars! Prepare the rangoli kolam! Deepavali is here and the forecast is a brilliant time that bursts with positivity and happiness. Not just for the Indian community but for all Malaysians celebrating this lively festival.

Celebrating Light & Happiness

Known as the “Festival of Lights”, Deepavali celebrates the story of Lord Rama’s return from exile and victory over the demon king Ravana. It is a tale of good triumphing over evil and light conquering dark. 

It is said, there wasn’t a moon in the sky when Lord Rama and his party arrived and the night was as black as anything. Once word got around, the people gathered and lit a path of “diyas” (oil lamps) to illuminate the darkness and celebrate the return of their beloved monarch.

This is why Deepavali is all about celebrating “light and happiness” whether literally, with fireworks, candles, lanterns, flowers and colourful rangoli kolams. OR by bringing “light” into people’s lives. Festive gestures like opening homes to guests, hosting feasts and conveying well wishes are some of the ways one can illuminate another’s life. But our personal favourite has to be the exchange of delightful delicacies!

After all, we’re cookie folk. And we sure know a thing or two about creating delightful and memorable moments. 

It’s Not Deepavali Without Something Delicious

Cookies and confections have a way of enhancing Deepavali, wouldn’t you agree? After all, you can’t help but smile when someone offers you some mithai (traditional Indian candy) like laddoo and coconut barfi. Or maybe, gulab jamun!

Similarly, imagine the look of delight on a loved one’s face when you show up with a delectable assortment of candies and goodies to kick off the festival. Trust us at Famous Amos to have your back on that one! 

We’ve specially curated a medley of gifts and hampers sets that will make the celebrations a delightful affair.  

Whether you’re looking to kick off Deepavali with a big celebratory hamper or purchase a simple but heartwarming gift, our selection will help you light up your giftee’s Deepavali with delicious joy. 

Get The Celebrations Started With A BIG Bounty Of Goodies 

Famous Amos Deepavali Hampers & Gift Sets 

Delight them, surprise them, and TREAT them with a generous assortment of Famous Amos’s speciality cookies and goodies from our collection of Deepavali hampers and gift baskets!    

We have 11 fabulous (and mouth-watering) hampers of various sizes and price points that will make fitting gifts for whomever you choose. 

Wrapped beautifully with decorative ribbon and attached with a gift card, these festival-worthy hampers contain an assortment of Famous Amos’s cookie tins, goodies and others. 

This includes the classic Original Chocolate Chip and other exciting flavours like Onde-Onde Crunch and Choco Mint Madness! 
We also have exclusive online hampers and gift sets.

Create Delectable Memories With A Box Of Happiness

It’s the simple things that carry the most meaning and there’s no better way to confer well wishes and appreciation to those we hold dear than with a sincere gift that comes from the heart. 

If you’re looking for simple but meaningful gift ideas, take a look at our collection of cookie boxes and tins. Attractively packaged and elegant, these choice gifts contain bite-sized bursts of deliciousness that will create a lasting impression for more Deepavalis to come…

Pentagon Box

Pentagon Box

Small – 80g

Large – 150g

Famous Amos’s classic chocolate chip cookies carefully packed into a festive paper box and tied with a ribbon on top. Available in festive orange, for courage. Or red, which symbolises purity in Hindu belief.

Round Cookie Tin 170g
Round Cookie Tin

Round Cookie Tin

Small – 120g

Large – 160g

Classic chocolate chip cookies but make it premium. The Round Cookie Tin is what its namesake describes. On the outside, a minimalist aluminium case. But on the inside,  a treasury of Famous Amos cookielicious happiness!

Elegant Floral Tin

Elegant Floral Tin


Beautiful things are a joy to behold, and the Elegant Cookie Tin is no exception. Reminiscent of European enamelware, it is a tasteful gift that will delight the receiver and even moreso, once they open the lid to uncover the delicious surprise nestled inside.